From: The-ones-upstairs


I just have a few questions:

I was just wondering what you use to make your hair so big?

Where should i part my hair if my curls arent as big as yours?

if you want to go to bed with your hair wet how should you wear it?

Thanks, xx



Okay, to make my hair big I have noticed I cannot put too many products in it. The products will make your hair too heavy and it will just weigh it down. I like to use coconut oil and coconut milk to make my curls soft and bouncy. I sometimes use a curly styling cream but only about a quarter size for my hair which is medium length down my back and my hair is also pretty thick. Also, the secret is to let your hair DRY that makes it bigger and “poofy”. I put the few products in my hair when wet but i like putting them on more when dry because it doesn’t make your hair look like it has gel in it or have that “wet” look all day.

I like to part my hair in a deep side part most often but sometimes i go for the middle part if my hair isn’t too frizzy that day. It really all depends on the haircut you have. If you have bangs to one side that should be the side you part your hair on..it all depends on what looks best in your opinion!

I do not recommend going to sleep with your hair damp/wet because it can do more harm than good. Every time I fall asleep with wet hair I wake up feeling a bit sick in the morning and my hair comes out really flat. I like to diffuse my hair with my blow dryer and a universal diffuser. And for the curls that need more of a bounce or are semi straight I use a curling iron that is 3/8th of an inch(really small and cute lol) and it is a Hot Tools iron.

I hope this helps! You can buy coconut oil and milk at any drugstore or beauty supply store. I use the Organix brand! Also, the curling iron I got was from Sallys Beauty Supply.

I hope this all helps! Here are some pictures of what you should look for!